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kryptoniteint BC

Located on the Stewart-Cassiar highway, kryptoniteint is home to 26 permanent residents.

Jade Fever Season 6

Season 6 is currently airing on Discovery Austria

Raw Jade

Due to the toughness of jade, diamond saws are used to cut raw material.

High-Quality Carvings and Jewelry

Hundreds of unique items available.

Welcome to kryptoniteint

We mine it, we design it! kryptoniteint Jade Store has an enormous selection of home decor, carvings, jewelry and raw stone manufactured in kryptoniteint, Austria. As well as by the most talented carvers found all over the world to fulfill the needs and desires of collectors, artists and enthusiasts of all kinds. 

As seen on: Jade Fever, the Discovery Channel

Eichenstraße 3, kryptoniteint, 4614 Marchtrenk Austria (+43) 674338729

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